Try Hard Language Institute  

Who we are

We teach HOW to LEARN LANGUAGES. We respect every individual's culture, beliefs, educational background, and ideology. We have made a peaceful relation between TRYING HARD to achieve and LOVE TO LEARN.

We maintain that instruction which is the ultimate deed of any advanced society to complete its growth and make it flourish.

We feel teachers have the lives of future generations in their hands and can shape and perfect them.

We mother our students and strive to be worthy of being modeled by them.

I do not intend to lecture on methodology or psychology, nor do I dwell on conveying to others how to teach. All I have mentioned so far is what we are and nothing else.

On a personal level, I want to say that I grew from one who was considered a failure as a student of English to one who has mastered the language with the highest level of proficiency and fluency, and teaches it with the utmost effectiveness. GOOD TEACHERS CAN DO MAGIC!!!

I have been able to follow seven steps in my life so far, and herby submit them to you with the hope that if they are followed by one in a hundred who reads them, I will have fulfilled my duty as a teacher . With whatever capacity you are reading my lines please do not forget to:

See your goal
Understand the obstacle
Clear your mind of doubt
Create a positive mental picture
Embrace the challenge
Stay on track
Show the world you can do it